Be The Change, the University of Bath's new anti-harassment initiative, has now launched. It expands on the previous NeverOK project by aiming to tackle all forms of harassment on campus, including racism, homophobia, ableism and sexual harassment.

The University of Bath believes that where diversity and inclusion are valued, you can study in a more rewarding and stimulating environment, which allows you to unlock and fully use your skills and talents. Instances of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and victimisation hinder the development of such an environment and negatively impact on an individual’s self-worth and wellbeing, as well as on our wider community.

As part of this initiative, you will be expected to complete the Be The Change training module and the online Sexual Consent training class before the start of the academic year. A staff Be The Change module will be available later in the year, and all staff will be asked to complete this.

You will be able to access further training as this is developed through the Be The Change webpages. You can sign up to the mailing list to receive notifications of when these courses by emailing Leonie Hodge, Anti-Harassment and Training Officer on

Professor Cassie Wilson, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Student Experience), states: “I am so pleased to support the launch of this important initiative. We recognise that we have some work to do for all staff and students to feel that they fully belong at the University, and to have an equitable experience here. The launch of Be The Change is an important step towards a truly inclusive community.”

Meg Crossman, Student Community Officer, states: “Be The Change will develop important work on anti-harassment - encouraging students and staff to be active bystanders in incidences of harassment and discrimination. I'm excited to support this campaign and work towards ensuring our University is a safe and inclusive community.”

For more information about this initiative, please email Leonie Hodge, Anti-Harassment and Training Officer.