Dr André Barrinha's article on cyber diplomacy, was recently awarded the Best Article in Global Affairs Award 2019 by the European International Studies Association (EISA). The winning article is titled Cyber-diplomacy: the making of an international society in the digital age, and was co-authored with Thomas Renard from the Egmont Institute in Brussels.

One of the most prestigious academic associations in Europe, the European International Studies Association is dedicated to the study of international relations. When examining the article, the prize committee "was impressed with the way in which [the authors] skilfully apply the conceptual tools of English School-analysis in order to demonstrate that cyber-diplomacy is not just a technical adaptation, but rather also a transformative practice that combines dynamics from international and world society."

Dr Barrinha and Thomas Renard will receive their awards at the opening ceremony of the EISA conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, next year.

Dr André Barrinha is a Lecturer in International Security in the Department of Politics, Languages and International Studies and earlier this year, was awarded £2,600 by the Bath International Research Funding Scheme to further develop his research on cyber diplomacy within the European context.