This is an annual, global event, organised by the Business Continuity Institute, to raise awareness of the need for organisations to plan and prepare for disruptive incidents.

Business Continuity involves implementing principles and processes to develop organisational resilience, ensure the continuity of core services through a disruption and return to business as usual as soon as possible.

The types of incidents which may cause a Business Continuity disruption include IT system failures, telecommunications failures, utilities failures such as loss of power and water, loss of staff, for example through infectious disease, and adverse weather events such as heavy snow and storms.

At the University of Bath, Business Continuity feels more important now than ever, due to the wide variety of challenges that we have encountered over recent years. Work is currently underway to strengthen our Business Continuity arrangements, led by the Department of Risk, Resilience and Compliance. If you would like to learn more about this work, or have a question for the team, please visit Risk, Resilience and Compliance.