We are pleased to announce a new call for nominations for Bath Global Chair appointments 2018/19.

The Global Chair scheme is a University programme designed to attract distinguished international visiting professors to engage in high-profile research and networking activities at Bath.

The scheme supports the University in linking up world-class research expertise and strategic international networks and institutions.

Global Chairs are leading expert academics in their fields, often with prominent public profiles. They are invited to work with their Bath hosts on collaborative research and researcher networks, provide mentorship to students and engage with the wider public.

We encourage our Global Chairs to connect with our University community and further the long-term impact of our international collaborations.

Previous Global Chairs have included Professor Michael Purugganan, Silver Professor of Biology and Dean of Science at New York University, who spent the summer of 2017 at the Milner Centre for Evolution. His appointment resulted in new researcher links with NYU’s genomics research labs in New York and Abu Dhabi and further financial support from our US alumni community.

We have also welcomed Professor Chung-in Moon, Special Adviser to the President of South Korea and an expert on security in the Korean Peninsula at Yonsei University. His visit earlier in 2018 took place at a critical time ahead of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, with a strong public interest in the Korean peace process. Professor Moon not only met with colleagues and students but also engaged with diplomatic advisers and policy makers, and gave numerous media interviews.


Date Deadline
9am, Monday 21 May 2018 Deadline for submission to HoD for comment
9am, Monday 28 May 2018 Deadline for submission to Dean for comment
9am, Monday 4 June 2018 Deadline for submission to internationalfunding@bath.ac.uk
w/c 2 July 2018 Results announced

We strongly encourage nominators to discuss their proposal with us ahead of the deadline. Please contact internationalfunding@bath.ac.uk.