A wide range of climate action work is going on across the University as we implement our Climate Action Principles and begin the transformational journey towards a university aligned with a 1.5C world. The University has embraced the concept of ‘whole institution’ change, and so this work is about so much more than carbon targets and our transition to a zero-carbon campus – it is also about our core business of research and teaching, and we have the ambition to be an exemplar in addressing climate change across the whole sector.

To help highlight and tie together this work, we have developed a climate action graphic. You might see this graphic in the future on for example low carbon buildings, or refurbished laptops, climate related presentations, our climate literacy courses or climate friendly policies. All action that supports us achieving our Net Zero Carbon commitments and Climate Action Framework objectives.

A lot of thought has been put into the graphic, and we hope staff and students will think of the following whenever they come across it.

The graphic represents both the challenge of a labyrinth and the solution of collective thinking. The tree resemblance reminds us that alongside the people and communities which will suffer from the devastating effects of climate change, nature will also be impacted should we not take the urgent action required.

Tackling climate change is like navigating a labyrinth. It is immensely challenging and complex, and there are myriad decisions that we must urgently make to avoid the worst impacts.

A university though is uniquely well-placed to navigate this labyrinth, through the collaborative brainpower of its academics and students. Delivering education that empowers students to become future leaders and innovators in our response to the climate crisis and undertaking research that enables the transition to a low carbon future and delivers solutions for adaptation at pace.

Our collective thought leadership stimulates local, national and international responses.

It is this approach, and working together as a community, that will allow us to meet the greatest challenge we have faced.