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Climate change and the University of Bath

How we are tackling climate change, through cutting emissions and embedding climate action in how we do business, leading research and high quality teaching.

Our whole institution response to climate change

On our Climate Action pages you can explore the four strands of our whole institution response to climate change in detail; Education, Research, Footprint and Partnerships.

Climate Action

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Find out about our transformational climate action work as we implement our Climate Action Principles and embrace the concept of ‘whole institution’ change.

Our Climate Action Principles

The University declared a climate emergency in 2020 and developed principles to guide our response to it. We report on our progress through our blog and in our annual Climate Action report.

Climate Action Blog

We explore different aspects of our whole institution response and the views of our community in detail on our blog.

Get involved and take action

Our University has committed to transformational change to tackle the climate crisis and, to achieve our ambitious goals, everyone needs to be part of driving change across all areas of our work and community.


The latest University climate and sustainability related news, including scientific research and initiatives within the University community.

Carbon Jargon Buster

Student in the middle of the frame. With the surrounding words: Breakdown Carbon Jargon? Carbon Footprint? Greenhouse gases? Carbon Offsetting?

Ever get lost in carbon jargon? Read our placement student Vasudef's blog, where he simplifies carbon terminology. You may discover a new term!

Upcoming Events

Find out about upcoming events which explore responses to the Climate Emergency.

Collaborate with us

Get in touch with us to see how we can work together on sustainability and tackling climate change.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Two men looking at a computer screen wearing hard hats.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a UK wide programme which enables companies to access knowledge, skills and technology from UK Universities.