The University’s Education Awards are an opportunity to recognise and reward the outstanding contribution that staff and students make towards the education community at Bath. The winners were announced during a black tie event in Bath:

  • Excellence in Academic Representation: Teaching Fellow, John Benardis
  • Postgraduate Teacher of the Year 2018: PhD student, Alessio Santamaria

See the full list of prizes and winners.

Celebrating the work of student volunteers

The Bath SU Community Awards are a celebration of the work student volunteers do to enhance the University community. Students working in peer mentoring, hall reps, diversity and support groups, and Peer Assisted Learning are nominated.

Second year computer science students, Jigna Parmar and Aliza Exelby received the Lead Peer Mentors of the Year award for their work coordinating and representing the peer mentor scheme on their courses.

Alex Eales, Joe Davison, Atul Anand and John Christian Napoles were also runner-ups for the highly commended Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) award.