Cybercriminals relentlessly target organisations and individuals, including the recent significant attack on Newcastle University.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued an alert following an increased number of ransomware attacks on education establishments in the UK.

As staff, we are first in the line of defence. We need to be vigilant and able to identify phishing scams and fake emails, so the Information Security Awareness training is mandatory for all staff.

To complement this, simulated phishing training exercises commenced from 22nd Sept 2020. These exercises will see a series of fake phishing emails sent to members of the University community.

Those that report the emails using the MS Outlook report message function will help inform our understanding of the awareness of phishing by staff.

Anyone who is inadvertently taken in and clicks through on the links will have immediate access to training material and a quiz to help ensure they are better prepared to meet attacks in future.

The training will be carried out in partnership with cybersecurity specialists Khipu Networks.