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Information security

Security of Information is crucial to the University. Staff can access the information security module and the information classification framework.

The security of information is of crucial importance to the University. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that any information they handle in pursuance of University business is managed appropriately.

IT Security oversees developing awareness and guidance in this area. All staff must complete a mandatory online training in Cyber Security Awareness, which is available in Moodle.

The University has also introduced an Information Classification Framework (ICF) and associated information-handling guidelines to enable staff to categorise and manage information appropriately, taking into account the sensitivity of the information and mitigating risks that arise from loss, theft or unauthorised access. The documents available are:

All members of the University are responsible for ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act that relates to personal data.

Further information

You can find more information on our Data Protection Guidance webpage.

Mandatory training on Moodle

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