University of Bath

Information security

Security of Information is crucial to the University. Staff can access the information security module and the information classification framework.

The security of information is of crucial importance to the University. It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that any information they handle in pursuance of University business is managed appropriately.

The Office of the University Secretary oversees developing awareness and guidance in this area. All Education and Research and Management, Specialist and Administrative staff along with managers in the Technical and Experimental and Operational and Facilities Support job families must complete a mandatory online training module in information security. An optional extra module focusing in more depth upon research data is also available and is of particular interest to research-active academic staff. The modules are available in Moodle

The University has also introduced an Information Classification Framework (ICF) and associated information handling guidelines to enable staff to categories and manage information appropriately taking into account the sensitivity of the information and to mitigate risks that arise from loss, theft or unauthorised access. The documents are available below:

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