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Assistive Technology

We can help you use and get specialist IT equipment and software to help ​increase your productivity and improve your access to technology.

Our Services

We offer a range of software and equipment to help you study or work.

Assistive Technology Room

The Assistive Technology Room

There are two workrooms in the Library, which are available for use exclusively by students who have been granted access by the Disability Services

Get IT equipment to help you study

As a student, we can help you access specialist assistive technology solutions. You can contact us directly or get a referral from the Disability Service.

About us

AT can be a great solution for people who want to improve their productivity, people with disabilities or those suffering from various health conditions or injuries.

We offer:

  • an inclusive approach to supporting you
  • an Assistive Technology Room for you to study in
  • advice and training in a wide range of software and hardware available to help with technology accessibility

Contact the Assistive Technology Team via the Self Service Portal