The winner of the 2020 Peter Troughton Research Staff Prize is Dr Tanmoy Laskar, a Research Associate in the Department of Physics.

Tanmoy's research addresses the question: "How are the most luminous explosions in the Universe powered?". To answer this question, he leads observational programmes using space- and ground-based telescopes, combining data from across the electromagnetic spectrum from gamma-rays to radio wavelengths. He then develops and applies theoretical models and statistical techniques to these data, probing physics at extremely high energies that are impossible to attain with experiments on Earth. His current work ties together our understanding of the final stages of the life cycle of stars with the co-evolution of stars and galaxies over cosmic time. Tanmoy is also a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and social justice in STEM and STEM education. He has spoken on, authored in, and continues to work to improve STEM education for marginalised communities globally.

The Committee considered a good number of outstanding applications and had a difficult task to decide on the winning nomination. They were impressed with Tanmoy’s independent and high-ranking research, his publication record and his contribution to his department.

After receiving the award, Tanmoy said, "Research, education, and community building are my driving motivators. I am delighted by this affirmation, thankful for the opportunities at Bath, and grateful for the support of my colleagues and mentors now and at every stage leading to this moment.”

The Peter Troughton Research Staff Prize is awarded on behalf of Senate by the Peter Troughton Research Staff Prize Committee to a postdoctoral member of research staff for outstanding performance in their duties, recognising the important contribution that research staff make to the University.