The University of Bath operates in a global higher education market, with international research partnerships and students/alumni representing around 140 countries.

Export controls imposed by the UK government are likely to apply to some of our research and education activities because we operate internationally. We must understand the controls and comply with them.

The purpose of these controls is to limit the supply of technology, IP or strategic products to countries proscribed by the UK Government. This is for reasons of proliferation, security, or terrorism. It is in the interest of us all that the controls are effective if it makes the world a safer place.

The University must comply with the legislation. Failure to do so would bring serious penalties for the University and for the individuals concerned.

I have nominated Professor Sarah Hainsworth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise), to be our Export Control Director with overall responsibility for export control matters relating to research, assisted by the Research Governance and Compliance team, and Professor Julian Chaudhuri, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education and Global) to be our Export Control Director with overall responsibility for export control matters relating to education, assisted by Academic Registry. The Chief Compliance Officer has overall responsibility for providing assurance of our compliance across all of our activities.

Our Export Control Directors, working with the Chief Compliance Officer, will review the effectiveness of our current procedures. This is in light of the Export Control Joint Unit’s code of practice.

Each of us must be aware of our own role. We must not undertake any research or education under scope of the export controls without due clearance and authorisation.

This includes:

  • transmission of software or technology by any electronic means
  • arranging movement of goods between third countries

Researchers should refer to our Export Control Policy and can seek guidance from the Research Governance and Compliance team. Further information will be available shortly on the Risk, Resilience and Compliance webpage.