Academics from the Faculty of Engineering & Design have been named in a list prepared by Elsevier and Stanford University of the most 2% highly cited scholars in their field worldwide.

Elsevier and Stanford University have released data identifying which academics are referenced most frequently in the work of other scholars throughout their whole career history, and in the last year. Several members of the Faculty of Engineering & Design, including early career researchers, were included in the list of highly cited academics in the world within their research area.

The named academics included:

  • Furong Li (Electronic & Electrical Engineering)
  • Peter Wilson (Electronic & Electrical Engineering)
  • Manuchehr Soleimani (Electronic & Electrical Engineering)
  • Marcelle McManus (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Ismet Gursul (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Andrew Rees (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Stephen Newman (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Michele Meo (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Andrew Plummer (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Alborz Shokrani (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Chris Bowen (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Mirella Di Lorenzo (Chemical Engineering)
  • Davide Mattia (Chemical Engineering)
  • Ming Xie (Chemical Engineering)
  • Anthony Darby (Architecture & Civil Engineering)
  • Peter Walker (Architecture & Civil Engineering)
  • David Coley (Architecture & Civil Engineering)
  • Thomas Kjeldsen (Architecture & Civil Engineering)

Prof Tim Ibell, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Design, said: “Many congratulations to all colleagues in this list. It is fabulous to see all departments in the Faculty represented, including early-career colleagues. The importance of our research being highly cited is crucial for all sorts of reasons, including international reputation, which is why it is so pleasing to see this. Thank you, and well done!”