For a new psychology study, researchers at the University of Bath are hoping to recruit local participants to help them understand the mechanics of chronic pain in order to inform better future treatments.

They are looking for Bath-based volunteers aged 18 – 88 who have experienced pain in one limb for more than 3 months. This might include a frozen shoulder, foot or ankle pain, or pain in the wrist or hand. Regardless of the cause of the pain - whether because of a sports injury, surgery, accident or something else - they are interested in speaking to you.

Participants will be reimbursed for their time and travel. The study will take approximately 3 hours and takes place at the University’s Claverton Down campus.

Researcher, Teuni ten Brink explained:

Although sometimes we know why someone suffers chronic pain, for others it can be unclear why they have pain or why the pain has continued beyond the normal healing time for whatever caused it. We want to find out more about the underlying causes of chronic pain, which could help us in the development of new treatments.

To take part email Teuni via; or see this wepbage for further information.