With assignment deadlines and exam season on the horizon, it is important for students to manage their time effectively in order to keep on top of their workload, stay motivated, maximise their productivity and reduce stress and anxiety.

This is particularly relevant for first year students who are taking University exams for the first time.

The Skills Centre has developed a short module called 'Managing your time effectively' to help your students create a study schedule, prioritise their tasks and identify and overcome potential issues they might face whilst working remotely.

The module includes videos, a downloadable planning template and tips to avoid procrastination, overworking and feeling isolated when studying online. There is also a resource list of tools, apps, and further development opportunities to help increase productivity.

Good time management is also a key employability skill, so getting into good habits now will help students in their future careers.

Professor Momna Hejmadi, Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), Faculty of Science, said about the course:

We know the run-up to exams can be a stressful time for our students and the revision workload can feel quite overwhelming. This is a really helpful (and very short!) course, full of practical advice and tips, which will help students to organise their time, stay focused and increase their confidence about taking their exams.

Students can access the module in the Academic and Writing Skills section on MySkills.

The following resources also provide useful tips on time management and exam preparation: