Data from UK Pension Reforms (1997-2015) is a new dataset collected by Professor Nick Pearce and Dr Thomais Massala, funded by Nest Insight and the Research England QR Strategic Priorities Fund (UKRI).

The pension reforms that were initiated in the early 2000s with the 'Turner' Pensions Commission, and implemented during the 2010s, represent a milestone in the history of UK pensions provision.

The ‘Pension Reforms in the UK’ project is about bringing together existing information on these reforms and augmenting it with new material and content. This dataset is part of that work and aims ultimately to contribute to a UK Pension Reforms Archive.

Published online this week, the dataset brings together 24 elite semi-structured video interviews with former UK prime ministers, secretaries of state, ministers, special advisers, Pensions Commission’s members, civil servants, stakeholders, academics and journalists, and 97 documents related to the reforms.

Divided into four stages - Pensions in the later 1990s and early 2000s; The Pensions Commission (2002-2006); Policy enactment (2006-2010); and Implementation (2010-2015) – all files are freely available for researchers, and anyone who is interested in the UK's pension reforms or policy change more widely.