This afternoon, the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) will be running a workshop at the One Young World (OYW) Global Summit 2023 in Belfast.

OYW aims to empower and develop young leaders, connect them with their counterparts from every country in the world and provide the impetus to build a fair, sustainable future for all. The OYW Global Summit will bring together the brightest young leaders from 190+ countries and 250+ organisations, to discuss and debate a number of global challenges facing current and future generations.

One of the challenges the summit is addressing is: how can we fight inequality through education? The University of Bath’s workshop at the summit will focus on the ways in which education policies can help to tackle inequality, drawing on three research case studies. One will highlight IPR research on widening participation in higher education in the UK, a second will look at the role of education policy in tackling inequality in sub-Saharan Africa, and the final study will showcase research examining school drop-out amongst Palestinian refugees.

These studies will reveal the positive role education policy can play in tackling inequality but also highlight the importance of policy design and context, in order to avoid unintended consequences that can potentially perpetuate inequalities.

The IPR’s Professor Matt Dickson will run the workshop for up to 50 delegates, alongside Professor Lizzi Milligan and Dr Andres Sandoval, both from the University of Bath Department of Education.

Professor Dickson adds:

“We aim to provide delegates with new insights into questions that they are passionate about. Workshop participants will be invited to consider the research, share their own experiences, and work together to discuss how the case studies presented relate to their own national contexts. We also hope to encourage delegates to put into action the knowledge they will gain at the workshop and equip them to inform education-related initiatives that could be developed and implemented post-summit.”