The Institute for Policy Research (IPR) visits UNAM, Mexico, this week for a conference hosted with the Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas (IIEc).

This week the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research (IPR) visits the Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas (IIEc) at UNAM, Mexico, for a special conference on the labour market, education and digital transformation.

The visit takes places as part of an ongoing research partnership with colleagues across the IIEc and UNAM, sponsored by the University of Bath International Funding Scheme, which seeks to analyse developed and developing economies and explore whether technological change is shrinking households’ income share.

The conference, organised by both the IPR and IIEc, will see colleagues come together from 17-19 October to explore the labour market, education and digitalisation in the onset and post Covid-19 pandemic.

Research will be shared across panel sessions and presentations exploring a number of areas including segmented markets and machine learning; gender and employment; graduate underemployment; robotisation; and the economy and labour market.

Through this conference both the IPR and IIEc hope to further strengthen its academic partnership and expand upon their research findings. On the visit, IPR Research Associate and organiser, Dr Aida Garcia-Lazaro, adds:

“It is a great pleasure for us to visit the Instituto de Investigaciones Economicas (IIEc) at the UNAM; we look forward to strengthening our academic collaboration with colleagues from the IIEc, and producing relevant research with international policy impact. We are delighted to be at the UNAM visiting our colleagues, sharing ideas and opening new lines of collaboration between the IPR and the IIEc that enable us to consolidate the relationship between the University of Bath and the UNAM. It is a pleasure for us to work along the IIEc form the UNAM, the IPR, and the Made Smarter Innovation: Centre for People-led Digitalisation. We aim to expand the streams of our collaboration and conduct policy-relevant research around digital transformation.”

The conference will be live streamed on YouTube and the conference proceedings are available here.