In person and online wellbeing workshops are available for you to book, they offer activities for you to reflect on, develop and manage mental health, wellbeing and resilience.

A range of topics are covered, they include Managing Mental Wellbeing at Work for managers and supervisors as well as sessions for all staff on managing energy not time, pressure and resilience.

Mental health and wellbeing training enhances mental health awareness allowing us to give it the same attention we give to our physical health.

There are a range of other benefits too, these include:

  • recognising early signs of poor mental health and wellbeing in yourself and your colleagues
  • identifying proactive tools and resources for support
  • reducing the stigma around mental health and stress
  • building our Culture of Care
  • baking wellbeing activities part of everyday life

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Mental health and wellbeing training has the most significant impact when it focuses on growing awareness and building a positive culture of support, empathy, and treating others well. Within this environment, colleagues are empowered to build resilience and recognise when others need support.

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