Code First Girls (CFG) is a social impact organisation whose mission is to close the gender gap in tech by helping women and non-binary people to develop their coding skills and break into the tech industry.

The University of Bath has partnered with Code First Girls who offer a range of free online courses to current Bath students and recent graduates.

The summer break is an excellent time to do the short taster MOOCs and 8-week @Uni Kickstarter courses and for completing undergraduate and postgraduate students to sign up for the autumn 2023 CFGdegree (application deadline 7 July 2023).

88% of Bath students who recently completed the CFGdegree passed with a merit or distinction and have gone on to work for companies such as NatWest and BAE Systems. 45% completed the Software stream, for which the average starting salary is £37,000. 82% came from a non-computer science background. (Source: Code First Girls)

University of Bath students have priority access to the South West regional courses by using the unique code 'UPBAT' when they sign up.

Full information about the courses, FAQs and case studies from members of CFG's 120,000-strong community can be found on the Code First Girls website.

We are delighted to be partnering with the University of Bath, giving women across the UK the opportunity to receive free education and training across our coding Kickstarter classes and CFGdegree. Code First Girls is committed to giving women the fair advantage, and this support from the University of Bath helps us in our drive to democratise tech education in the UK and beyond. (Anna Brailsford, CEO at Code First Girls)

CFG's popular range of courses offer a fantastic way for Bath students to develop highly sought-after coding skills, increase their employability and find job opportunities with over 110 major companies. I hope they will feel encouraged and inspired to explore CFG's free training and a possible future career in tech, even those who haven't considered that pathway before. (Dave Busby, Head of Digital & Academic Skills)

Free coding courses for all students are also available through FutureLearn, O'Reilly and the Institute of Coding.

The Skills Centre's MASH team can help all students with coding questions, for example Python, R and MATLAB, through their drop-in service.