The MASH drop-in during the isolation period

The MASH drop-in has moved online for the isolation period. Drop-ins will continue during Easter break except for bank holiday Friday and Monday and Tuesday 14th April (when the university is closed).

The drop-in will be conducted via Microsoft Teams, which is freely available and an account is already set up for you using your university username and password. The link to joining the meeting will prompt you to download the teams app, or, give you the option to continue to the meeting in your web browser. In the meeting a member of the MASH team will ask you give some information about the help you need; they will then arrange your own 1:1 meeting with a tutor. You may notice other people in the meeting, they are either MASH tutors waiting to breakout into 1:1s, or, other students waiting for help. Please feel free to join the meeting just to get the system working even if you don’t have a question right now.

Technical requirements

  • A device with a good quality internet connection
  • A microphone and speaker
  • Microsoft Teams. This is available as a free app, or works in a web browser.

If you are concerned about the quality of your internet connect you can always join the meeting without sending or receiving. Click on the three dots near the red ‘hang up’ icon for the options.

Drop-in timings

The timings of the sessions have changed, and may change over the course of the isolation, currently they are: Daily, 11am until 1pm.

Specialist support and 1:1 sessions:

We will do our best to support individuals, but the drop-in will take priority for us in terms of staffing. Anyone who currently receives 1:1 or small group support is welcome to use the drop-in.