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Getting statistics advice for project work

Find out what statistics advice is available for students and staff doing project work like final year, field study or research projects

How MASH can help you

The Mathematics Resources Centre (MASH) provides help with any statistical problems that you might have with project work, field studies and research. This includes:

  • experimental design
  • guidance on the correct statistical test to use
  • help getting your data ready for analysis
  • help with statistical packages
  • interpretation of results

Since statistical project work is often complex, when you first work with MASH you'll be asked to make a triage appointment with one of the team. The purpose of a triage appointment is to clarify information about your project and the statistical elements with which you would like help. The triage will result in one or more of the following:

  • Immediate information regarding your next step
  • Permission to bring some or all queries relating to your project to the MASH drop-in and the offer of the next available place in the statistics queue at a drop-in, this may be the same day
  • Where necessary, access to more specialist statistical advice with guidance on how to book this and how to get the most out of the consultation

Please note that if you try to bring a project work query to a MASH drop-in but have not had a triage appointment you will be asked to make a triage appointment. 

To book an appointment please go to the statistics triage appointment booking page.

If you have already been triaged and you were given access to specialist statistics advice then you should book further appointments via the specialist advice calendar. You will only be able to see appointments in this calendar if you have been given this access.

Who this service is for

This service is available to all members of the University undertaking project work.

This service is concerned with guiding and supporting learning and will not carry out statistical work, including testing, on your behalf. If there are any units where there is a set examination or coursework rather than an individual or group project, you should not book a triage appointment seek help in a MASH Drop-in in the first instance.

Session locations

In-person appointments run in the Skills Zone. Appointments are also available online via MS Teams. Please select from the in-person or online option when you book.

If you are able to come to campus you should choose a face-to-face appointment. These are more effective and you may be able to get further advice during the face-to-face drop-in on the same day.


If you have any questions, please contact us.