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Getting mathematics and statistics help

Find out what in-person and live online interactive maths and statistics help is available for you.

Come to a MASH drop-in

Maths and statistics help is available to all students at the University. We run a general drop-in with both online and on-campus options. You can ask any maths or statistics question without fear. Our drop-ins are run by maths and statistics tutors who can:

  • help you to find, understand and use information in your lecture notes, in textbooks or online
  • help you to get started or to make progress on your work
  • help you to understand concepts in maths, statistics and numeracy
  • suggest resources to help you with your studies

Information about how the drop-in works is on our drop-in and Workshop timetable page.

Getting the right support

If you are a first year maths student then you should usually use the support that is designed specifically for you as you learn how to approach your studies.

If you are a project student and are looking for statistics help then you should find out about getting statistics help for project work and decide if this is more appropriate for you than a drop-in.

Get help with software, programming or mathematical typesetting

There are so many software packages and programming languages in use we cannot promise to support them all. If you are not sure, please email us and ask

We can help with most Excel and SPSS problems. We have staff who can support R, MATLAB, and Python (in a mathematical context).

If you are learning a language for the first time to solve a mathematical problem it is likely we can help.

Getting the right support

Please come to any drop-in in the first instance. If you are seeking help with statistical project work please take a look getting statistics help for project work guide.

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The MASH drop-in - a student persepective

Read about Claudia's experience at the MASH drop-in on the academic skills blog. Claudia is a Chemical Engineering student, but MASH well do it's best to help anyone at the University.

See the current drop-in timetable

See the current drop-in timetable


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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