In contrast with previous years, the University, in common with others in the higher education sector, is facing this year a particularly challenging financial position due to the continuing fixed limits on home student fees, additional pension costs and reduced overhead recovery from research grants. Furthermore, we are facing considerable uncertainties due to student admissions, the Augar Review and Brexit. As a result, we are having to make a number of difficult decisions in our budgeting round, some of which affect the money available relating to reward.

We have already announced that we are implementing the national pay award and our financial considerations have included whether we should run our local pay processes this year. However it has been recognised that it is very important to continue to acknowledge the highest achievements of the staff who make this University such a success and this update provides details of these processes for 2019/20.

Outstanding Contribution

For those staff on Grades 2-9 who have reached the top of the ‘normal’ pay scale, the University has run a process each year called Outstanding Contribution. This allows individuals and managers to make a case for an extra pay spine point for those whose contribution to the University has gone above and beyond that usually expected for the grade. This process will run again this year and details of the process and timetable are available at this webpage. The deadline for submissions to HR is 18 October 2019.

Recognising Excellence

The other local reward process for Grades 2-9, which provides for one-off awards is known as Recognising Excellence. Following feedback from previous years, we intend to offer three levels of payment, and flexibility over timing to give teams more choice in how excellence is recognised. Details of the process are available at this webpage.

Professorial and Senior Staff

For those who are part of the Professorial and Senior Staff salary review process, we are expecting to start discussions with UCU on introducing a new set of processes for next year. However, this year we will run the same procedure as previous years and the deadline for submissions to HR, including line management commentary, is 8 November 2019.

An inevitable consequence of the financial pressures is that there will be reduced allocations for these schemes this year. However we will continue to review the financial situation once in-year income and expenditure become clearer, with the intention of making a further allocation later in the year.

Richard Brooks
Director of HR

Martin Williams
Director of Finance