Following our future-looking workshops last year, aimed at informing our forward planning and decision making, it’s now time to turn our attention to the main part of the planning process.

As Phil Allmendinger outlines in his DVC’s blog, we are in a year of transition, as we evolve our planning process to be:

  • informed by more visionary perspectives that look to the longer term
  • led by our academic ambitions
  • underpinned by better data analytics and insight
  • supported by delivery plans jointly created by academic and professional services.

However, as we enter our traditional planning cycle, some elements of the process will remain familiar. For example, we start with a briefing for Heads of Department and there will be planning template documents to complete within a given timeframe.

The timetable for the next phase of the 2022/23 planning process is set out below:

When What’s happening
6 March 2023 Planning templates circulated to Faculties/the School/Departments
6 to 13 March 2023 Planning briefings for Heads of Department
6 April 2023 Deadline for completed planning templates to be submitted
6 to 13 April 2023 Submissions and requests collated and totals calculated
17 to 26 April 2023 Planning meetings with Faculties/School/Departments
May 2023 The Planning, Delivery and Performance Advisory Board (PDPAB) will review all requests and develop a prioritised list and recommendations for University Executive Board (UEB) and Finance Committee (FC)
By 31 May 2023 Submit PDPAB recommendations to UEB Standing Group (06/06 meeting)
By 7 June 2023 Submit PDPAB recommendations to UEB (13 June meeting)
By 14 June 2023 Submit PDPAB/UEB recommendations to Finance Committee (22 June meeting)
By 3 July 2023 Submit PDPAB/UEB/FC recommendations to Council (13 July meeting)
Mid to late July 2023 Faculties/School/Departments notified of planning outcomes

The planning process is supported by the Department of Planning, Performance and Strategic Change and we look forward to seeing Heads of Department at one of the briefing sessions.

If you have any questions about this year’s planning process please email and we’ll be happy to help.