Thank you for your ongoing contributions to the Work & Wellbeing Survey. Your feedback helps us to understand how people are feeling – and enables us to make decisions that best serve our community.

Rather than focusing on a specific theme, the March survey is a pulse survey to check in with you on the more general questions we cover in each of our surveys. Your input will help us gauge our collective progress.


The survey should take around five minutes to complete. It is completely anonymous and conducted in line with the Data Protection Act. Responses will be treated confidentially, and we will not look at the views of groups of fewer than 10, so no individual can be identified.

If you have more than one role, please complete the survey for the role you spend most time in.

Please take part by the end of Tuesday 26 March.

More information on previous surveys and action taken can be found on our Work & Wellbeing web pages. We are currently working on next steps from the November survey (where the focus was workload) and will be communicating with you more on that in the coming months.

If you have any queries, please contact Deborah Griffin or Philippa Dunn.