The Global Citizenship Programme will give you the opportunity to join other students and members of staff and explore together the themes of global citizenship: social justice and diversity, peace and conflict, globalisation and interdependence, sustainable development, identity and diversity, power and governance.

You will have the opportunity to develop understanding on a wide range of global issues and develop skills for global citizenship through hearing from experts in a series of weekly lectures and workshops.

The aims of the programme are, amongst others: - raising awareness of the interconnectedness of life in our world - developing the skills to respect and understand cultural diversity - advocating global social justice - developing a sense of moral responsibility for our planet - empathising with people who live in area of conflict

As part of Our World Programme, the Global Citizenship Programme celebrates and brings together our diverse campus community: diverse disciples, diverse cohorts of students and staff, diverse cultures and nationalities. The semester 2 programme is now available for you.