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Our World Programme, Global Citizenship

A series of free lectures and events to understand global citizenship and reflect on its themes.

Our World Programme: Global Citizenship

Global citizenship education is one of the aims of UNESCO. It fits well with the University's aim to equip its students and staff with the awareness that the world is interconnected and that every individual plays a part in promoting sustainability, peace and intercultural understanding.

Our Global Citizenship programme is an opportunity to hear from experts, and explore and reflect on the themes of global citizenship.

The series of lectures and workshops for semester 2 will take place at 1.15pm on the following dates from February 2020.


18 March 2020: Sustainable Development

Why nothing we do online will exist after we die and that's ok.

Guest speaker: Dr John Troyer, Department of Social and Policy Sciences.
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25 March 2020: Identity and Diversity

Academic culture shock

Guest speaker: Professor Mary Hayden and Professor Jeff Thompson, Department of Education.

Past events

Globalisation and Interdependence: Internationalising the curriculum

What do you think of when you hear the words 'internationalising the curriculum?' This interactive workshop will explore what this means, where we can do this in learning and teaching and what this might mean in practice. Open to students and staff.
Guest speaker: Dr Eleanor Parker, Curriculum Development Officer.
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20 February 2020: Social Justice and Diversity

Transgender lives and Higher Education

This study day for students and staff offers learning on the lived experience of being Transgender, and issues particular to Higher Educational contexts.
Guest speaker: Kaleidoscope, Jessica Lynn, Dr Sam Martin, Dr Stephanie McKendry
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26 February 2020: Identity and Diversity

Why do we fast?

As the Christian world starts Lent, we wonder what is the meaning of fasting in the major religions of the world.
Guest speaker: Nigel Rawlinson, University Chaplain, and the SU Islamic Society
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Our World Week: from 2 March to 6 March 2020

From 2 March to 6 March students and staff at the University of Bath are invited to participate in a wide range of social and cultural events. This is an opportunity to meet new people, discover the cultural richness of our campus, learn new things and have fun. The updated programme is available

4 March 2020: Power and Governance

How to bring positive change in a situation of conflict

Guest speaker: Amy Peake, founder of Loving Humanity
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11 March 2020: Globalisation and Interdependence

The impact of globalisation and interdependence on medical research

Guest speaker: Dr Vasanta Subramanian, Department of Biology and Biochemistry Find out more about the event

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