Listening to your views

The Department of Marketing & Communications is in the process of redesigning the staff landing page as one of the final stages of the website transition.

During the past few weeks, we've carried out different types of user research and collected valuable feedback from colleagues around the University. Your feedback has helped us better understand how you currently use your landing page, how you'd like the page to be arranged and how you'll interact with the new design.

Find out more about the user research we've carried out so far.

The new design

We've designed (and redesigned) the new staff landing page based on your feedback. You'll still be able to access news, events and all the services you get at the moment, but the new design should help you complete tasks more quickly, no matter how long you've worked at the University.

The new version is also compatible on mobile devices, so you can easily use the page when you're on the move. As well as being easier to use, the new page design follows the same style as other transitioned web pages, giving you a more consistent experience as you use the website.

The new page design will include:

  • shortcut navigation - the most popular links to help you complete tasks more quickly
  • Person Finder search bar - a quick and easy way to find people's contact details
  • featured content - highlighting the latest news and features from around the University
  • useful links - frequently used links to help you complete tasks
  • upcoming events - events for staff
  • service updates - changes to services or infrastructure across the University

Another chance to have your say

During the next few weeks, we will start testing different versions of the new design on the live site. When the test starts, you'll be able to opt in to the trial from the current staff page.

If you choose to opt in, you'll see one of two versions of the new-style page. You can opt out of the trial at any time.

The trial will run for two weeks, during which time we'll collect your feedback and other data about how you're using the page. Please submit feedback by clicking the 'Tell us what you think' button. We'll review your feedback to help us improve the design and content.

Continuous improvement

When we publish the new design, you can continue to give feedback on it using the ‘Suggest an improvement’ link at the bottom of the page. We’ll continue to develop the page as part of our commitment to making the website better.