From Tuesday 20 September, disposable cups will no longer be on offer at any of our catering outlets on campus, barring a few exceptions. This is an exciting step in the University’s sustainability journey and supports our Climate Action commitments as well as our Sustainable Food Commitment.

If you haven’t yet made the switch, don’t worry there are plenty of easy and affordable reusable options available:

  • ceramic mugs will still be available at our catering outlets,
  • you can ‘buy into’ the Exchange scheme (see below),
  • you can use your own reusable cup,
  • you can bring in your favourite mug.

Be part of the change, Exchange

The Exchange scheme is simple:

  1. Pay £3 to ‘buy into’ the scheme and get handed a reusable cup,
  2. use the cup each time you order a drink or exchange it for a token, so you don’t need to carry a cup around with you,
  3. hand in the token and get a fresh Exchange cup,
  4. enjoy a 20p discount off your hot drink every time you use a reusable cup (including your own).

Exchange cups are currently available at all our catering outlets.

Public events and visitors

Disposable cups will still be available for public events, open days, visitors and sports, but we will encourage members of the public to embrace reusable options.

To find out more, look out for posters around campus or speak to our friendly staff at any of our catering outlets.