Research Focus Weeks have been created to allow uninterrupted and concentrated time for academics to develop research projects. This could include grant writing, finishing a paper and/or discussion of grant proposal opportunities with colleagues, etc

Three Research Focus Weeks will be held per academic year: one in September, one in January and one in May. The September week has been identified to coincide with the end of summer vacation period and the January and May dates with revision weeks. To allow for uninterrupted time, the PVC-R requests that during research focus weeks there are no University, Faculty or Departmental level meetings.

Department/Faculty level initiatives e.g. sandpit-like events could be held on the Monday of the research focus week to help foster interdisciplinary research programmes. This would then allow for building on discussions in a focused way during the rest of the week. RIS colleagues will be encouraged to provide support and research events, such as drop-in sessions, to coincide with the focus weeks.

Doctoral students are also encouraged to make the most of our Research Focus Week. The Doctoral College have organised a programme of workshops and activities to create an optimum working environment and to help researchers focus and re-engage. To make the most of the week remember to set some goals (e.g. write a chapter, finish your research paper etc) and use this time to plan future work that will help you remain on track with your research project.

Many are debating the value of 'meeting-free' days and how best we can prepare for them. Do you have a view? All feedback is welcome.

Dates for your diary

Academic Year Res Focus Wk Res Focus Wk Res Focus Wk
2022/23 5 - 9 Sept 2022 9 - 13 Jan 2023 8-12 May 2023
2023/24 4 - 8 Sept 2023 8 - 12 Jan 2024 13 - 17 May 2024