At the start of 2020, we asked you to help us shape our next University Strategy.

At just over 50 years old, Bath has grown in size, reputation and impact, not least due to our talented and connected alumni community.

Your feedback was invaluable, both in sharing our strengths in terms of education, student experience and employability and also what we might develop or change for the future.

Thank you for the stories you shared about how your experiences with us shaped your lives professionally and personally. They were both encouraging and humbling, and will stay with me as we plan for our future.

This week, we publish our new University Strategy 2021-26, ‘Our University, Our Future: Connected’. This sets out our high-level ambitions across four pillars:

  • Driving excellence in education
  • Driving high-impact research
  • Fostering an outstanding and inclusive community, and
  • Enhancing strategic partnerships

From today, you can read more about our new strategy through:

Our strategy outlines the way in which our University is an energetic and connected community, committed to excellence in research and education, embracing the opportunities of today’s world and addressing its challenges.

It calls on us to value these connections and strengthen them. It recognises that knowledge and experience are connected in the search for understanding and solutions; study and practice are connected through high-value placements and strategic partnerships to prepare excellent students for future success; and that students, staff and alumni value being connected in an inclusive, collegial, ambitious learning community.

As part of our valued alumni community, you are at the heart of our connected vision for our future. A small recent step on this journey has been to offer our alumni free access to e-resources through our new Alumni Library Membership, which I hope many of you will take advantage of this year.

I trust that it may be possible to meet with many of you in the coming year, and looking further ahead as our strategy takes effect, I hope that we can find new ways to work together and build positively and with confidence for our future.

With best wishes,

Professor Ian White

Vice-Chancellor and President