The following issues were discussed at the Council meeting.

Halpin Review

Halpin Partnerships presented their review of Council Effectiveness and considered in turn all the report's primary recommendations. It agreed that, in the interests of transparency, the report should be published the following day.

Regulatory Matters

Council noted the application to the Office for Students for registration, the response to HEFCE's Assurance Review and a report on compliance with the Prevent duty.

KPIs and Risk

Council noted an update on risk along with the key performance indicators (KPIs) used and also noted the current risk regiser.


Council noted the half year accounts.

Students' Union

The Students' Union President gave an update on progress against their Top Ten issues for the year.

Equality and Diversity

Council noted the Equality and Diversity Student Monitoring data for 2016/17 including trends in applications, retention and degree achievement.

Vice-Chancellor role

Council discussed progress on recruitment of the next Vice-Chancellor and on appointing an Acting Vice-Chancellor. See updates.