The University welcomes Global Chair Professor Carolyn Emery for her second in-person visit from 20 March - 4 May 2023. Following her first visit in October 2022, we're looking forward to once again welcoming Professor Emery as she continues her activities as a 2022/2023 Global Chair. Professor Emery will be hosted by Professor Keith Stokes in the Department of Health.

Professor Carolyn Emery is an internationally recognized injury epidemiologist and physiotherapist. Her research has had a significant impact on policy and practice in the prevention of injuries and concussions in youth sports both nationally and internationally. Professor Emery is the Chair of the Sports Injury Prevention Research Centre. She co-leads the Integrated Concussion Research Program at the University of Calgary and is an executive team lead focused on training and early career development for the Canadian Concussion Network and the Canadian Traumatic Brain Injury Research Consortium.

Professor Emery's research on youth sports injury and prevention aligns closely with the University’s priority research theme of Health & Well-being. Professor Emery is currently leading a World Rugby Union-funded international project between Canada and the UK that is aimed at reducing injuries and concussion for the growing numbers of girls playing rugby and builds upon previous research conducted at the University of Bath as part of the Community Rugby Injury Surveillance Project (CRISP).

Professor Emery has played a central part in the establishment of the UK Concussion Prevention Network, who's aim is to significantly reduce concussions within youth and community sport and who has set an ambitious mission to reduce concussions in the UK for youth and community sports by 30% by 2030 through new policy, training and equipment interventions.

Activities at Bath

Professor Carolyn Emery will hold a public lecture on Tuesday 18th April 2023.

During her visit, Professor Emery will also:

  • co-host the launch of the UK Concussion Prevention Network on the 27th March in Bath
  • attend the 14th World Congress on Brain Injury in Dublin (29th March - 1st April)
  • conduct PGR seminars
  • meet with academics in the Department of Health
  • explore future research and education partnership opportunities between the University of Calgary and the University of Bath with the International Relations Office