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Global Chair Prof. Carolyn Emery (University of Calgary)

Hosted by the Centre for Health and Injury and Illness Prevention in Sport, Professor Emery is an internationally recognised epidemiologist and physiotherapist.

Professor Carolyn Emery is a Bath Global Chair for 2022/23
Bath Global Chair Prof. Carolyn Emery

Professor Carolyn Emery is an internationally recognized injury epidemiologist and physiotherapist. Her research has had a significant impact on policy and practice in the prevention of injuries and concussions in youth sports both nationally and internationally.

Professor Emery is the Chair of the Sports Injury Prevention Research Centre. She co-leads the Integrated Concussion Research Program at the University of Calgary and is an executive team lead focused on training and early career development for the Canadian Concussion Network and the Canadian Traumatic Brain Injury Research Consortium.

Professor Emery is the most highly published author over the past 30 years on youth sports injury and youth sports injury prevention and has been recognised worldwide. She has a strong record of training the next generation of researchers and her research program has been a major driver in the exponential growth in research on injury and concussion prevention in youth sports that has occurred over the past two decades. Her research aligns closely with the University’s priority research theme of Health & Well-being, and during her tenure Professor Emery will be leading a series of seminars and workshops, providing mentorship to students and engaging in public lectures, and meetings with sports governing bodies.

Proposed activities at Bath

  • A series of seminars and workshops open to staff and students that focus on how to build national and international networks
  • Development of an International Research Network for Women’s Rugby
  • Introduction to a national and international clinical network to expand and enhance research opportunities in injury prevention
  • Engagement with Department for Health monthly research seminars
  • One-to-one and group meetings with research students to provide mentorship
  • Working in partnership with the University of Southampton to pursue the development of a female academic leadership seminar series
  • Public lecture as part of a research, policy and community engagement symposium hosted by the Centre for Health and Injury and Illness Prevention in Sport
  • Series of meetings with sports governing and administrative bodies with whom the University has existing relationships as well as advisory bodies to the UK Government to explore injury and concussion prevention in youth sport.

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