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International Sponsors and Sponsored Students

Information for international sponsors and sponsored students at the University of Bath.

What is an International Sponsored Student?

Sponsored students are overseas students in receipt of sponsorship or a scholarship from external sponsors.

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A sponsor could be an employer, a commercial organisation or a government body; a sponsor is not a friend or relative who has agreed to pay your tuition fees.

International sponsored students are overseas students in receipt of sponsorship or a scholarship from external sponsors including:

  • The government of the student (including ministries, departments, agencies, embassies)
  • The British Council or other UK funded scholarship programmes such as Commonwealth, Chevening or Marshall
  • An international organisation, company, or university

Financial Guarantee Letter

International sponsored students need to provide the University with a sponsorship or financial guarantee letter before registration.

If you are a sponsored student, you must provide a financial guarantee letter or official sponsor agreement letter from your sponsor ahead of registration and before they make payment.

New and Returning International Sponsored Students: September/October 2023: If you are a new or returning International Sponsored Student, you must e-mail your 'sponsor letter' to the Student Finance Office by 31 July 2023. If you cannot submit it by this date, please email an explanation to the Student Finance Office by this deadline. Please note that you will be considered liable for all fees until we receive your Financial Guarantee Letter.

Upon registration, if your sponsor has been approved by the University, your sponsorship details will appear and you will be able to continue with registration.

If your sponsorship details do not appear during registration, do not select an alternative payment method, but contact Student Finance Office. If you have not yet obtained your sponsor letter but need to register, contact Student Finance Office explaining your situation. Please ensure you state your applicant/student ID on all correspondence.

To qualify, a sponsor must:

  • be an employer, commercial organisation or a government body
  • not be an individual such as a friend or relative who has agreed to pay your tuition
  • be a known, contactable organisation

The sponsor's letter must be on their headed paper and contain:

  • your student name and student number
  • the amount or duration of their sponsorship funding
  • the sponsor's address, website, e-mail address and contact telephone number
  • the sponsor's company registration number, (VAT number for UK sponsors)

Additional checks may be carried out to authenticate the sponsor if they are unknown to the University. Following the registration period and once your sponsor has been approved, your sponsor will be invoiced for their full contribution which is payable in one instalment.

Reports and Student Status Letters

Sponsors requiring progress, academic or student status reports should send their requests to


International sponsored students with queries about their sponsorship should first approach their sponsor. If you need support from the university relating to your sponsorship please contact us at: