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Paying your tuition fees

You can pay your tuition fees with a student loan, by Direct Debit, debit card, credit card, or bank transfer.

Tell us how you plan to pay

You must say how you will pay your fees when you register online as a student. You'll receive an email in September inviting you to register, and you won't be able to register until you have received it.

For some payment methods, you can set up your payment during the registration process.

For other methods, you must tell us how you plan to pay during online registration, and then complete your payment in person.

See payment options for our distance learning modules.

Student Loans

If your fee status is Home and you are starting your first undergraduate course, you may be able apply for a tuition fee loan from the UK Government.

Find out more about tuition fee loans.

If you have applied for a student loan, do not select another payment method during registration or you could be charged the fees twice. If your loan details do not appear during registration, contact Student Finance.

If you don't want to take out the loan, you can pay your fees to us directly.

Direct Debit

You can set up a Direct Debit payment during online registration.

Direct Debit payments are made in two instalments. Each instalment is 50% of your annual tuition fee.

We can only accept Direct Debits from UK bank accounts.

Bank Transfer

You must use your student or application number as the reference for your bank transfer so we know who the payment is for. You must pay the full amount of fees for the new academic year in one instalment.

Our Bank Details:
Barclays Bank plc
4-5 Southgate Street

Account Name: University of Bath
Account Number: 00981303
Sort Code: 20-47-06
IBAN: GB08 BARC 2047 0600 9813 03
VAT Reg. Number: GB 639 5421 22

UK Debit/ Credit card

You can pay by UK Debit or Credit card during online registration.

You can pay in one or two instalments. Each instalment is 50% of your annual tuition fee.

We do not accept payment from Diners Club Cards or pre-loaded cards.

Sponsored Students

If you are sponsored, you must provide an official letter from your sponsor. Email your letter to the Student Finance office at

The letter must:

  • be on headed paper
  • show the level of the funding
  • show the duration of the funding
  • give an invoice address

We will keep the original letter in your file, but we can provide a copy if you need one.

International Payments

  • Payment must be paid in one or two instalments only
  • If paying in two instalments; each instalment will be 50% of the tuition fee
  • You can pay via the Online Registration Portal using our international payment partner, Flywire
  • Payment via Flywire can be made by card or bank transfer for selected locations including:
    • American Express
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • Alipay
    • Union Pay
  • Payment can be made in over 140 currencies

Cash/ Cheques Not Accepted

We do not accept payment by cash or cheque. Please do not send cash or cheques in the post or carry large amounts of cash with you.

Please email the Income Office at if you have any queries.

Distance Learning

Our distance learning students have different payment options depending on the specific programme. Please contact Student Finance for information.


Failed Direct Debits

If you pay your tuition fees by Direct Debit and the collection fails, you will be charged £25.

Late payment charges

An invoice with an outstanding balance 10 days from the invoice due date may be subject to a charge of 1.5% of the outstanding invoice value. This charge will be a minimum of £15, and a maximum of £180. A reminder will be sent notifying the late charge has been applied.

If the invoice balance remains unpaid after a further 7 days then a second late charge of 1.5% of the outstanding invoice value may be applied. This charge will also be a minimum of £15, and a maximum of £180. A reminder will be sent notifying the late charge has been applied.

In total a maximum charge which can be applied to one unpaid invoice is £360.

Payment Terms

Not all payment methods are available in instalments. The University reserves the right to refuse the concession of paying in instalments to students with a history of late payments. Find out more details on the Student Finance section.

You are liable for tuition fees not paid by your sponsor (including Local Authorities and Research Councils). We do not offer payment in instalments to sponsors. All fees must be paid in full on receipt of invoice.


If you have any questions, please contact us.