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Finance and Procurement

We manage the University’s income and expenditure, including purchasing arrangements, student finance, and staff pay and pensions.

Staff pay

The Payroll Office manages staff pay, payroll registration and salary deduction schemes.

Payroll deadlines

The payroll deadline dates are the last submission dates that authorised forms must reach Payroll to be included in the monthly payroll cycle.

Employee on-cost calculator

Calculate the cost of an employee based on their salary and see how much they're paying into National Insurance and their pension.


Find details of the three pension schemes we operate for staff and how to opt in or out of a scheme.

Pensions Office

The Pensions Office is responsible for managing the three pension schemes that the University operates.

Travel and expenses

If you're a member of staff or visitor, you can claim travel costs and expenses for work commitments through the Payments Office.

Travel and expenses policy

Our policy on subsistence, entertaining, and other expenses incurred in the course of the University’s business, including travel expenditure and reimbursement.

Payment voucher

Use this form for exceptional payments that are currently not covered by the standard P2P process (i.e.. Purchase order invoice process).

Payments and procurement

Get help with paying suppliers and staff expenses and procuring goods and services

Payments Team

The payments office helps with paying suppliers, staff expenses and other financial matters.

Procurement Team

We are the University's central buying team. We run and support all procurement activities as well as support the procurement systems.

Making payments

The Payment Office provides advice and support with paying suppliers and expenses to individuals in the course of conducting University business.

Paying tuition fees

If you're a student, you can contact the Student Finance team for advice on paying tuition fees for a course.

Tuition fees

Home, EU, and Overseas fees for courses and placements, including extra costs and payment methods.

Paying your tuition fees

You can pay your tuition fees with a student loan, through an approved sponsor or by one of the University accepted payment methods detailed below.

Student Finance Office

Student Finance Office can help you with questions about tuition fees, loans and payments of scholarships and bursaries.

Income Office

Find out more about paying the university, invoicing/crediting customers and initiating refunds.

Income Office

We are responsible for the processing of University income in accordance with financial regulation.

Refunds Summary Guide

Understand the refund processes staff will need to follow to initiate an Agresso or Samis refund.

Financial Regulations

The Financial Regulations set out the fundamental principles that underpin all financial transactions undertaken by or on behalf of the University and they are supported by Policies and more detailed operational procedures


Introduction to the University's financial regulations - Income


Introduction to the University's financial regulations - Expenditure

Financial Policies and Procedures

Financial policies set out the university direction or guiding principles governing an area. Financial procedures describe how to do something, to ensure consistency of best practice.

Financial procedures

These financial procedures set out the standard practice that the University has established for the administration of financial activities.

Financial policies

The financial policies provide more detailed information on how regulations are to be followed in important areas such as purchasing and intellectual property.

About us

We're responsible for managing the University’s income and expenditure, making sure we get value for money in all our financial activities, and complying with statutory and regulatory requirements and financial best practice.