The Human Library is designed to build a positive framework for conversations that can explore Knowledge Exchange experiences and mechanisms through dialogue, where topics are discussed openly between KE practitioners (human books) and their readers.

The KE Human Library was launched as part of the Knowledge Exchange Community of Practice (KE CoP) launch at the University’s Research Culture Week earlier this year.

Members of the CoP have also provided several case studies for our new ‘KE Inside Scoop’ series as successful examples of how they have shared their expertise with external partners and built strong networks. See our series of case studies.

Sponsor of the KE CoP and Human Library, Professor Sarah Hainsworth Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research, says:

Both the recently launched KE Community of Practice and KE Human Library provide an invaluable channel for our research community to further explore the two-way exchange between researchers and research users. This not only supports our researchers with driving high-impact research and enhancing strategic partnerships but importantly delivering significant benefits to wider society.

Dr Steven Boakes, Head of Business Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange says:

The introduction of the government’s Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and the KE Concordat, of which Bath is a signatory, has seen an increased focus on KE. The range of expertise and experience at the University promoted through the KE Community of Practice provides an ideal ecosystem for sharing best practice and championing KE.

All researchers are welcome to join our KE Community of Practice.

Please see our Knowledge Exchange Human Library for information on our KE experts and their contact details to arrange a mutually convenient time with one of our ‘books’. You can ‘borrow’ the experts by arranging a chat, perhaps over coffee, to find out more about the KE they do.

We will be updating the library with more books at regular intervals, so please come back frequently to browse our library.

Please contact our Business Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange team in RIS if you want to be added as a KE expert to our Human Library.