Vice-Chancellor’s report

The Vice-Chancellor presented his formal report on key issues facing the University. He also gave an update on the upcoming industrial action and Nicky Kemp explained precautions being taken in regard to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Curriculum Transformation

Professor Peter Lambert, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Learning & Teaching) and John Adams, Programme Manager, gave an update on progress, timelines and planning for Curriculum Transformation. Senate approved assessment regulations for transformed postgraduate taught courses and also approved the full revised specification of the new modular academic framework.

Student Admissions

Senate discussed student admissions figures for 2019 and noted applications for 2020.

REF 2021

Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), reported on preparations for REF 2021.

Equality and Diversity Committee

Senate discussed the Annual Report of the Equality and Diversity Committee

University Independent Advisor for Postgraduate Research Students

Senate discussed actions being taken by senior management to address issues raised in the Annual Report for 2018/19 from Professor Marcelle McManus, the University’s Independent Advisor for Postgraduate Research Students.

Regulation and Policy Changes

Senate discussed and approved changes to the Dignity and Respect Policy and procedure, Student Complaints policy and Regulation 8 (Disciplinary Procedure).

IT Issues

Senate discussed issues of Cyber security and the Attendance App.

Committee memberships

Senate approved an increase in the number of Senate members who could be elected to the Senate Appeals Committee (to eight), although the quoracy would remain the same; this would help deal with the increase in student disciplinary caseload.