Our Climate Action Team are once again supporting a Climate Ambassadors event: the Sustainable Transport Challenge Celebration. Taking place on Tuesday 2 July, we are seeking volunteers to get involved and share their sustainability expertise.

This event will be delivered by the team from Graphic Science and serves as a powerful example of how the Climate Ambassadors initiative brings together climate and sustainability experts to inspire and engage with young people and educators. By promoting and nurturing green skills development, this initiative, supported by the Climate Action Framework, contributes to the University's vision of fostering impactful partnerships with local community organisations, ultimately driving a collective shift towards sustainability. Find out more about the Sustainable Transport Challenge on the Graphic Science website

Get involved

If you want to visit the science fair or provide an interactive display of your work and engage with this young audience, please get in touch with Rhona from Graphic Science.

Climate Ambassadors are key to the event's success. If you'd like to volunteer your time to share your sustainability expertise and help equip young people to tackle climate issues, we invite you to register as a Climate Ambassador for this and future opportunities. The Department of Education announced additional funding for the programme in May, with training to support the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy for education.

What does the event entail?

Students from primary and secondary schools across the region are currently embarking on a unique learning journey through the Sustainable Transport Challenge. Whether in the classroom or an extracurricular STEM club setting, they are tasked with designing a sustainable vehicle for a journey of their choice. This challenge not only hones their vehicle design skills but also encourages them to think critically about adapting their chosen route to overcome climate challenges. It's not just looking for cars fuelled by beans, but innovative solutions to real-world problems such as overheating cities or biodiversity loss on remote moors – the students are the architects of their own challenges.

All the students will participate in a series of workshops at the University, but the day's focus will be a science share activity. This is an opportunity for young people to share the work they have been doing, celebrate successes, and learn about the research being undertaken both at the university and by local employers.