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Academic Integrity Training

Find out about the range of resources available to support your understanding of Academic Integrity, including plagiarism.

Skills For Study

This Skills for Study toolkit delivers a range of e-learning study skills to every student to enable you to commit to and maintain high standards of academic honesty and integrity.

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Each of the three Skills for Study modules listed below contain a diagnostic (self-test), a series of short interactive information sections, and an assessment (this is a practice test, NOT the University of Bath Integrity Test), which will allow you a safe space to confidentially develop, practice, and test your knowledge throughout the course of your studies.

  1. Referencing and understanding plagiarism
  2. Reading and note making
  3. Critical thinking skills

For new students at all levels of study: Module 1 (Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism) forms part of the University of Bath Academic Integrity Training and Test (AITT). It is intended to be undertaken before you progress to the required University of Bath Academic Integrity Initiative Test.

For returning students: Module 1 provides a helpful refresher course in the fundamentals of referencing and understanding plagiarism.

For all students: Modules 2 (Reading and Note-making) and 3 (Critical Thinking) are available to help you to develop, practice, and enhance some of the independent learning skills that you will use throughout your course of study.

In Reading and Note-making, you will be able to establish active reading strategies, select relevant resources from your reading lists, increase your reading speed, and discover the best note-making strategy to suit you.

In Critical Thinking, you will find guidance on how to analyse, evaluate, and draw conclusions about the academic and non-academic sources of information that you will use.

In all modules, you will be able to self-test, study, undertake practice tests, tag, and reflect on content confidentially. The University, in partnership with Macmillan, is able to anonymously view our students’ test results, which we use only to monitor the effectiveness of our training provision.

You are encouraged, if you wish, to print out your most recent module assessments, self-tests, or logs to share with staff in the Skills Centre, Library, or your department to help identify areas in which you need further support.

With over 60,000 student subscribers around the world, this useful online training package complete with helpful videos and exercises is designed to provide you with an engaging method of educating you through all levels of your journey through higher education.

We welcome your feedback on all aspects of our support and guidance for academic integrity as we continue to enhance our provision. Please leave us your suggestions via the ratings and comments boxes on each page of Skills for Study and Cite Them Right, and via the survey that will be available to all students in the Spring term.

Cite Them Right

A helpful referencing database packed with guidance and examples.

A screenshot of the Cite Them Right homepage.

Available 24/7 throughout the duration of your studies, Cite Them Right is a comprehensive guide to referencing almost anything you will come across in the course of your studies or research. This valuable resource is a referencing database which will help you ensure you give proper credit to any source you use within your work. A Referencing Tutorial is included which will provide you with additional skills training.

Cite Them Right helps those students new to referencing, or those that could benefit from a refresher. It also offers the opportunity to test your knowledge and confirm your understanding of how to write citations and build references.

Please select the Harvard system when using the database within the University of Bath and be aware that you will need to cross-reference this generic system with the University of Bath Harvard style guide available from the Library.

For postgraduate, doctoral and any student on placement or studying abroad, there are a further eight referencing systems that can be accessed through this user-friendly online platform as these may be more relevant to publications you are producing, or any professional and partner institutions you may be working in. If in doubt, check with your department.

University Library guidance on referencing and plagiarism

Other places you can find useful information about Academic Integrity in your work.

Photo of students using Library resources.

The University Library provides additional guidance and support, and has a range of books and materials where you can find out more about embedding Academic Integrity in your study.

Skills Centre support for students

Other support available for students.

Photo of students taking part in a training session.

The Skills Centre provides academics skills support and enhancement to all students. They run a variety of courses, workshops, one-to-one support and drop-ins.

Academic Integrity Training and Test homepage

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