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Bath's best day out

Social Science Gold Scholar Harisa Raja (BSc Sociology with Social Policy 2025) shares her perfect jaunt with friends.

Allow me to set the scene: my ideal day out in Bath, starting with a serene stroll down from campus to the city with my friends. With Claverton Down being on a hill, the walk down is almost effortless – at least compared to the walk back up! The beautiful sights of Bath, from the Georgian buildings to the greenery surrounding them, makes any walk around the city a breathtaking one.

Halfway down Bathwick Hill, a gravelled path off to the left leads us to part of the Skyline trail, where we continue our walk on neatly kept fields, with the beautiful view out over our city. Regardless of the number of times I walk down that hill, I could never get bored of the scenery! Having moved from a non-stop city in the Midlands, the serenity of Bath is what I appreciate the most. I love being around the tranquillity of nature. Just before reaching the city centre, we cross a little bridge, leading to a walk alongside the Kennet and Avon Canal.

Seeing the sights

Once in town, there are so many things we love doing. Often we decide to grab lunch at local pubs or cafés, with each place providing a unique atmosphere and experience. Some of my favourites have been The Huntsman, Wetherspoons, Boston Tea Party and a good old Costa to remind me of home!

On days when we’re blessed with sunny weather, we make the most of it by having picnics instead, sometimes by the lake on campus, but also at the famous Alexandra Park. Although walking up a huge hill while carrying food and drinks isn’t the easiest, the views at to the top make the trek worth it!

A few hours of eating delicious food, chatting and laughing my head off is enough to make for an ideal day, but the experiences on offer in Bath mean that’s not the end of the fun. There are plenty of shops to wander around, and often someone putting on some form of circus show in SouthGate shopping centre to stop and watch! Bath is full of life, and it’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by it.

Harisa Raja headshot

Heading home

Now it’s time for the dreaded walk back up the hill. During spring especially, this means getting back just in time to catch the sunset over the city – one of my favourite parts of living here. On many occasions, my friends and I have stopped and sat on the hill, watching life go by while we chat away. Each time, we look to our left and point to the top of the super-steep incline that leads to Alexandra Park, amazed at ourselves for walking it!

Back on campus, a late-night game of pool at the Students’ Union or a bunch of boardgames back at our accommodation is one of the best ends to the evening. Alongside a selection of snacks, of course!

My first year of university has definitely been shaped around my friendships. Meeting so many wonderful, caring people from all around the country, and even the world, has made me feel so welcomed so quickly. Bath truly does feel like home, and I can’t wait for the next few years here.

Sunset over Bath skyline

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This article was written by Harisa Raja for BA2 Issue 30, published in September 2022.