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Using your BathMail email address

A guide to BathMail, a email address which is exclusive to University of Bath graduates, members of staff and former members of staff.

For graduating students

If you are a graduating student and and you would like to request a BathMail account but have not already done so, you can apply using this form by 15 July 2024.

The Advancement Office will set up your BathMail account and email the login details to your Bath student account by the end of July.

Please note that accounts are given 1GB of email and data storage. Accounts that are not logged into within six months of being activated or are not logged into for a period of 24 months will be deleted under Google’s inactive account policy.

BathMail is an entirely new account and is not intended to replace your student email account, therefore no information will be transferred.

For alumni

Alumni who graduated before 2012 are also able to sign up for a BathMail email account. If you would like to register for BathMail, please complete the Updates and Requests Form.

For University staff

Current and former staff members are also able to sign up for a BathMail account. Please complete the Updates and Requests Form, and we will usually be able to create an account for you.

BathMail and Google

BathMail is powered by Google. Google does not assume ownership of your email data and your account is free from advertising as Google does not advertise to Education domains. To enable us to administer this service the University of Bath can access usage data provided by Google management tools and dashboards. Find out more

All BathMail accounts set up before 1 June 2023 have a storage limit of 15GB.

All BathMail accounts set up from 1 June 2023 have a storage limit of 1GB.

Guidelines for use

The University’s IT Acceptable Use Policy applies to BathMail account users. The University of Bath reserves the right to close your BathMail account if misuse is reported.

Accounts not accessed within six months of activation will be deleted.

As per Google’s Inactive Account Policy, accounts not accessed for a duration of 24 months will be deleted. The earliest this policy will be applied is 1 December 2023, for accounts not accessed in the previous 24 months.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my username?

Yes – please use the Updates and Requests Form. or call + 44(0)1225 386824 with your request. Please note these requests can take up to five working days.

How do I change my email display name?

Login to your account. Above your messages, on the right, there will be a cog icon. Click on this and go to mail settings. In the ‘accounts’ tab, go to ‘send mail as’ and click ‘edit info’. This will enable you to change the name that appears when you send messages.

How do I change my password?

Login to your account. In the top right hand corner you will see your email address – click on this and you will be taken to your account information. Within ‘Personal Settings’ there is a link that takes you to the Change Password form.

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to complete the Updates and Requests Form or call + 44(0)1225 386824. Once your ID has been confirmed, we will provide you with a reset password.

Can I transfer emails from my student email account to my BathMail email account?

Yes – if you would like to transfer your emails from your student email account to your new BathMail account you can do so by using the Google migration tool.

You can also manually transfer your emails over to your BathMail account, by adding your BathMail to Outlook (the desktop program); this will allow you to manually drag emails and folders over. Please note, the instructions below will roughly translate for use with any third-party email client.

If you haven’t already added your account to Outlook, a guide can be found here.

To add BathMail to Outlook, you'll need to ensure that IMAP is enabled on your BathMail account using the following steps:

  1. Log in to BathMail
  2. Click the icon in the top right of the page
  3. Click Settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  4. Ensure that the radio button for ‘Enable IMAP’ is selected
  5. Save changes

With IMAP enabled, you will be able to add your BathMail:

  1. Click File > Add Account
  2. Select ‘manual set up or additional server types’ and then 'Pop or IMAP'
  3. Enter your name and BathMail email address
  4. Select Account Type: IMAP; Incoming mail server:; Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  5. Enter your full BathMail email address (including and password
  6. Click More Settings and selected the Advanced tab
  7. Set Incoming server (IMAP) to 993 and Outgoing server (SMTP) to 465
  8. Click Outgoing Server tab, ensure that ‘My outgoing server requires authentication’ is ticked and the radio button for ‘Use same settings[…]’ is selected.
  9. Click OK > Next > Finish > Close > OK

If needed, Microsoft also offers instructions for adding an additional account to Outlook for Mac and for PC.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will be able to copy messages by manually dragging/moving them from your University of Bath account to your BathMail account. You may be required to generate an app password to use for Outlook, and can find more information about that here.

What is the BathMail domain name?

The BathMail domain name is

Does the Email for Life forwarding service still exist?

The Email for Life system has been superseded by BathMail, and was switched off in 2012.

Accessing BathMail

How do I forward mail from my BathMail account to another email account?

You can receive emails sent to your BathMail account through an existing account by following these steps to set up an automatic forwarding service. Bear in mind that you will not be able to send emails from your BathMail account this way.

Please note that you are unable to automatically forward email from your student email account to another email account, including your BathMail account.

  • Log in to your BathMail account.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right, then select Settings.
  • Open the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • In the Forwarding section, select Forward a copy, and enter the email address to which you would like to forward emails.
  • Click Save changes. This will send a confirmation message to the forwarding address you entered. Click the link within this email to confirm.
  • Back within the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, you're forwarding address should now appear in a drop down menu. You can choose and manage your forwarding options here.

We recommend that you look at Google's support website for instructions – simply alter the '' email address to your BathMail address.

Please note that the incoming and outgoing mail servers should not be changed to

  • Incoming mail server -
  • Outgoing -
  • Username - your full original BathMail email address


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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