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Every year thousands of former students help current students through the Alumni Fund.


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We offer scholarships to students who may otherwise be unable to afford to go to university, and hardship grants to allow students to carry on studying.


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We support groundbreaking, world-class research and teaching innovations that maximise the University of Bath's reputation internationally.

Your donations help researchers to look further

Find out how your support is enabling a breakthrough in children's burns treatment.

Student experience

Helping students make the most of their time at Bath

We give grants for students to pursue placements overseas, extend their learning through innovative academic projects and take part in valuable extracurricular activities.

We look forward to speaking with you

Our student callers will next be calling alumni in November 2018.

Throughout the year, a team of enthusiastic student callers will be calling alumni like you. They will let you know more about the work enabled by your Alumni Fund and invite you to play your part in supporting the next generation of students at Bath.

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