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Funding a scholarship

We are committed to creating opportunities for students in need. By helping to fund a scholarship, you can help the brightest minds fulfil their potential.

Undergraduate scholarships

Allow an undergraduate student the peace of mind to focus on their studies, not their finances.

Please make a regular contribution or a one-off gift to support scholarships at the University.

If you are in the USA, you can support our scholars through the University of Bath Foundation Ltd.

You can also set up a scholarship in your own name, or leave a gift towards a scholarship in your Will.

Our scholars are young people who need a helping hand to realise their full abilities. With this support, they consistently achieve high grades and make positive contributions to the University community. So, however you choose to give your support, you will be helping to keep higher education accessible for young people in need. Thank you.

Scholarships are life-changing

Watch how the support of our donors is changing one scholar’s life.

Postgraduate scholarships

The University provides scholarships which are funded by the generous support of alumni. Some choose to create a scholarship in their own name. We also award scholarships funded by the generosity of our alumni community as a whole.

Graduates often need to find work as quickly as possible, having accumulated debts throughout their degree. For this reason further academic research may not be an option without a scholarship, especially for international students.

PhDs and Fellowships

By attracting the most promising minds, we can continue to spearhead some of the most exciting and innovative projects across technology, social policy, medicine and much more.

The University of Bath is a leading research institution nurturing young talent for the next generation of research. Often, it is high calibre PhD students who make our ground-breaking research possible.

Scholarships at PhD level give the University of Bath its edge of excellence. We welcome support for talented researchers in all areas including improving human health, pioneering green technology and shaping global society.

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