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Be Well App

Provides you with tools to build healthy positive habits.

The Be Well app provides you with the tools to start building healthy, positive habits into your life. Creating small daily habits can boost your wellbeing and help you to become a happier, healthier you.

Centred around the five ways to wellbeing (Be Active, Connect, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give), Be Well builds on recognised strategies to help you manage your wellbeing in easy manageable steps.

The Be Well app lets you:

  • explore a range of self-help tools such as podcasts, blogs, wellbeing trackers, exercises and more
  • track your wellbeing and set achievable habits
  • use the AI Charley to identify and set daily habits
  • find out about and sign up to events and activities
  • take part in regular challenges and become part of a community

There is also a news feed providing you with advice and support to help you through your journey as a student; and the self-help catalogue gives you the tools at your fingertips to help manage your wellbeing positively and effectively.

How to download

The Be Well app is free. You will need to register using your University of Bath email address. It is available for download from: