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Black Students Network

A wellbeing programme for black students.

Student Support are running several workshops for black students.

It’s an opportunity to be inspired, empowered, and challenged to take control of your wellbeing and self-development. Gain practical wellbeing techniques, as well as make connections with like-minded people.

The workshops have been designed with the support of wellbeing experts and coaches from the Black community and tailored for University of Bath students who identify as being Black (African, Caribbean, dual or other black heritage).

Workshop leader

The programme of events will be led by Toluwa Oyeleye

Toluwa Oyeleye

The programme of events will be led by TEDx motivational speaker and wellbeing coach, Toluwa Oyeleye. Toluwa is a globally acclaimed coach, speaker and trainer dedicated to empowering individuals to embrace their full potential.

Boost self-esteem and confidence, embracing and celebrating the essence of Black identity.

Monday October 23 at 6.30pm

This immersive workshop has been intentionally designed to provide a space where we can discuss openly, without judgement and without hesitation. We are coming together to learn, share and most importantly reflect on the key themes of self love, self-worth and self-confidence. This isn't just a workshop – it's a transformative experience that will leave you inspired, invigorated, and ready to embrace your boundless potential.

What are you feeding? Creating healthy habits- cultivating a positive mindset and creating transformative habits

Monday November 20 at 6.30pm

Join us for an engaging in person workshop designed to be a sanctuary of open discussion, free from judgment and hesitation. Together, we'll explore the art of cultivating thriving habits, nurturing a radiant positive mindset, and crafting transformative routines. This seminar isn't just about information – it's a dynamic journey that empowers you to cultivate a life brimming with vitality and purpose. Don't miss out on this opportunity to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Building the success toolkit: Your wellbeing blueprint in times of stress

Monday December 4 at 6.30pm

Join us for an engaging in person seminar that's laser-focused on crafting your success toolkit for navigating even the most stressful seasons. Prepare to embark on a journey of building unwavering resilience, breaking free from the clutches of anxiety and comparison, and unleashing your boundless innovation to conquer this academic year.

This dynamic session is carefully curated to be a haven of open dialogue, devoid of judgment and hesitation. Together, we'll embark on a shared exploration of strategies, insights, and reflections that will empower you to thrive. The spotlight is on you as we collectively learn, grow, and map out a path to triumph in the upcoming year.

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If you have any questions about the programme please contact us.