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Money management tools and resources to help you take control of your finances.

What is Blackbullion?

Blackbullion is an easy-to-use, award-winning online learning platform to help you take control of your finances and make better financial decisions.

Blackbullion is full of videos, articles, quizzes and tools around a range of financial topics including top money tips, saving ideas, sourcing additional funding, work placement funding, postgraduate funding and much more. It can also help you build financial skills at your own pace via their financial pathways which are short interactive courses on topics such as:

  • savings – make money work for you with simple savings tips
  • money tips- breaking bad spending habits and creating good money habits
  • debt – know how to use debt to your advantage, credit score, interest rates and good debt to bad debt
  • postgraduate funding- understand the process for funding a postgraduate degree
  • scams – how to recognise and protect yourself against them
  • risk – types of financial and emotional risk with practical tips to make smart decisions
  • taxes – learning about income tax, tax codes and the history or tax
  • start-up survivors – what does it take to be an entrepreneur
  • advanced investing – investment choices, shares, bonds, commodities, and funds
  • pensions - why they are important and how they work

How to access Blackbullion

Visit the Blackbullion website and sign up for free using your University email address.

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How to access Blackbullion

Visit the Blackbullion website and sign up