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CDAS Research Seminar

On the 30th November members from CDAS gathered to listen to Sam Hooker, Su Chard and Emily Wills and Dr Renske Visser.

CDAS was thrilled to have its first in-person event in a long time on the 30th of November. It provided opportunities for socialising and to learn about what other members had been up to. The event featured talks from a small group of CDAS members, associates and postgraduates.

The first speaker was Sam Hooker, a PhD student at the University of Bath who presented her research examining caring for the dead at home. Exploring the barriers such as professional opinions on the subject and looking at how much information is available to the public on how to care for the body at home.

The second speaker was Dr Renske Visser, a medical anthropologist interested in ageing, dying and death and research fellow at the University of Surrey. Renske's talk was called 'Collaboration with people with lived experience of prison: reflections on researching cancer care in custodial settings.'

The last speakers at the event were Su Chard and Emily Wills. Emily Wills is a poet and GP in Gloucestershire. Su Chard is an independent funeral celebrant and a CDAS Associate. Su and Emily's talk covered their experience of spending a year looking at the words brought to and used at Gloucester Crematoria. Their presentation featured key moments, photos and performances from their written in stone project.

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